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Slogan: Quality from Nature

The meaning of the logo

The logo includes 2 main images. The letter “H” is an abbreviation of Hung Ca and the symbol of fish illustrates the main product of Hung Ca.

The letter “H” expresses the message of Hung Ca’s founder, which are Hand, Head, and Heart. It demonstrates the whole-heartedness of the farmer with his career, he used his hand, head and heart to make the dream come true, built up Hung Ca strongly nowadays.

Two main colours: green and blue symbolize the nature that gives Hung Ca’s message “Quality from Nature”. That combines with the guarantee for the best natural quality product.

The symbol of 3 tails – fish is the close relationship between the founder and three sucessors of Hung Ca family, which shows the desire of inheriting and developing Hung Ca trademark in future.


We aim to maintain our position as one of the leading seafood manufacturer in Viet Nam under the motto “Best Quality, Natural Products”


To balance the expectations of company, customers, shareholders, workers, and the community

Core value

Warm-hearted – Self-improvement - Dynamic – Responsible – Unified - Customer

Attitude towards Customer

  • Professionalism: providing the best product and services from selling to exporting, solving the arising problems thoroughly, supporting and meeting customer’s demand
  • Enthusiasm: to be ready in right position to serve the customer, giving feedback effectively and quickly
  • Bonafides: working on business ethics basic, no fraud, no cheating

Working attitude

  • Warm-hearted: giving the best effort, contribute one’s knowledge and ability to the success of company  
  • Self-improvement: effort to improve themselves at work, perfect oneself in working, desire to promote and distribute all one best to the benefits of company
  • Dynamic: self-motivated to learn, share experience, contribute creative ideas to develop company
  • Responsibility: to be in the position of Member of Hung Ca family, each member is responsible for one’ job and duty, bringing the maximum benefits to company

Attitude to colleagues

  • Respecting: to be friendly with colleagues, do not spread rumors  that affects to the honor of the colleague in the company
  • Solidarity, support cooperation: be ready to share information and experience to colleagues for the purpose of creating strong alliance, contribute to develop the strong company