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As a company with over 30 years of experience in farming, processing and exporting Pangasius, Hungca is proving itself to be a business which is able to learn from traditions and develop strongly in the age of integration. In the whole-hearted effort since founded years, Hungca firstly reaches considerable achievements contributing to building a prestigious brand.

♦ Golden Brand Award 2007


♦ Golden Brand Award 2008

♦ Golden Cup for Excellent Product – Service 2008

♦ Top 100 Excellent Businesses 2008

♦ Excellent Brand 2008

♦ Viet's Trademarks in WTO Integration Award

♦ Typical Entrepreneurs Vietnam – Laos - Cambodia

Top 100 Vietnamese Leading 2008


♦ Viet Nam Gold Star Award 2009

♦ Commendation of National Committee for International Economic Corporation

♦ Golden Cup for Vietnamese Excellent Enterprises

♦ Golden Brand Award 2009

♦ Top 500 Vietnamese Largest Enterprises – VNR 500

♦ Reliable Exporters 2009

♦ Viet Nam Gold Seafood Quality 2009


♦ Viet Nam Gold Star Award 2010

♦ Top 500 Vietnamese Largest Enterprises – VNR 500

♦ Trusted Brand 2010

♦ Excellent Brand 2010

♦ Top 500 Fastest Growing Enterprises - FAST500

♦ International Quality Crown Award London 2010

♦ Reliable Exporters 2010

2011 ♦ Viet Nam Gold Star Award 2011

Quality certificate

Over several years of production and business, Hung Ca has built its position and prestige in the international market by a range of high quality products, and good services. These are confirmed by many international certificates such as HACCP, ISO, IFS… In 2010, in order to improve the product quality and develop the environmentally and friendly production system, Hung Ca tries its best to get Global Gap, and becomes one of six businesses who got this certificate firstly in Viet Nam. This achievement helps Hung Ca satisfy many fastidious customers from Europe and improve Hung Ca’s position in the international.